In a nutshell...

The Hotel Tavern is an exciting restaurant and bar located in the historic Old Hotel in West Jefferson, North Carolina. The Old Hotel was built to service the Virginia Creeper train that ran through the town between 1915 and 1977. The warm and comfortable atmosphere at The Hotel Tavern gives the guests the sense of history and community while taking casual fare, including burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, salads, pasta, steaks and more, to a new level of creativity and quality. Whether enjoying a meal in one of our dining rooms, having a drink at our full service bar or celebrating great weather on our outdoor patio, we look forward to providing you a memorable experience. 

Our teams experience and commitment to service complements our attitude of providing a friendly, attentive and knowledgeable wait staff. From a quick business lunch, a fun family meal or watching a game with a late night snack and beverage, The Hotel Tavern provides something for everyone with a moderate pricing structure.

About Us

The Journey

 The journey for the Guions (Pam and Andy) and Lyles (Beth and Sherman) started several years ago in the beautiful mountains of Grassy Creek. During many of their vacations together, much of the time was spent talking about ventures that they could do together and what better place than West Jefferson.

 In the fall of 2012 the Lyles decided it was time to sell their home in Winston-Salem and move to their newly renovated mountain home in Grassy Creek. At the same time Beth decided it was time to make a career change. Sherman who has been in the restaurant business for over 35 years was going to continue his consulting business from the mountains.The Guions currently split their time between Charlotte and Grassy Creek, with the plan to move to the mountains in the near future.Timing was perfect for both couples.

 As fate would have it, a few weeks after the Lyles moved to Grassy Creek and the Guions sold their business, they came across the Old Hotel, what a great place for a restaurant. The two couples were so blessed to meet the owner of the Old Hotel, Jo Ann Woodie and her two daughters, Billy Jo and Debbie. After several months, the three families became one. Jo Ann Woodie even named the group The Magnificent Seven.

 The Hotel Tavern was on its way. The planning began in February 2013 and the construction started soon after. MasterCraft was the contracting company. Wow what a fantastic job they did! The promise was made that The Hotel Tavern doors would be open around the first of July. They kept to their promise.

 The Guions and Lyles wanted to bring the history of the hotel and West Jefferson to the forefront of the new restaurant. The hotel is the second oldest building in West Jefferson.  The couples collected black and white pictures of the town and hotel to decorate the Tavern walls. The bar top is made from an old black walnut support beam, the original bricks are exposed in the dining room, they preserved the original front doors, expanded the porch into a garden with flowers outlining the walkway, just to name a few of the special touches they incorporated into the restaurant.

 The Tavern was taking a life of its own.The Guions and Lyles are so proud of their venture. Who says friends can’t go into business together? They couldn’t be happier. West Jefferson, the mountains, wonderful people, great food and awesome service. When they were asked what more they would want they answered nothing, we already have a piece of heaven.When you visit the Hotel Tavern they think you will see that they have achieved their dream of classic, comfort and cheer.